Stories by Colin Ellis

​When will the IT project madness end?

The failed Commonwealth child support system. Victoria’s corrupted ‘Ultranet’ schools online program. New Zealand Education’s Novopay fiasco. The UK National Health Service’s £117 million IT project disaster. Queensland Health’s payroll scandal. When will this insanity end?

Written by Colin Ellis06 Feb. 17 06:00

​How do you prioritise your projects?

I remember my favourite project portfolio prioritisation session vividly. I asked each executive director to provide a one-page summary and 30-second speech for each initiative that they wanted to undertake the following financial year.

Written by Colin Ellis12 Dec. 16 10:04

​Is your organisation heading for a Prexit?

Do you continue using project management as a means of delivering transformation or do you disband what you have and place your faith in something else?

Written by Colin Ellis29 June 16 10:28

​The 7 traits of conscious project leaders

These are traits that are immediately recognisable in conscious project leaders. Traits that you don’t see in many other people responsible for projects. Traits that you remember and talk about.

Written by Colin Ellis20 April 16 11:39

​5 questions a project manager should be able to answer

I work with a number of organisations delivering ‘​conscious project leader​’ programs and in my preparation, I always ask whether the project manager can instantly answer five key questions about their project, regardless of the method being used.

Written by Colin Ellis31 March 16 15:11

Why every project manager needs a mentor

When I got my first project management job, I got lucky. I got to work for someone who was prepared to show me the right way to do things.

Written by Colin Ellis29 Jan. 16 16:00

The project management balancing act

During a recent project management training course that I was running, I was asked whether being a great leader was good enough to help a project to succeed.

Written by Colin Ellis18 Jan. 16 08:26

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